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#Cuba Treats successfully #SkinCancer with #HeberFeron #Biotechnology #UnblockCuba


The evaluation of results in the treatment of one type of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma) with HeberFeron – produced by Cuba’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology – has shown that the drug can reduce the appearance of new lesions eight-fold.

The news attracted attention at a scientific meeting to analyze the issue, in the province of Holguín, with more than 120 doctors in attendance, including specialists and residents from across the country

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Trump’s #Cuba Reversal on Seized Property Challenged by Allies Via / #HelmsBurtonAct #UnblockCuba


President Donald Trump’s move to let U.S. citizens file lawsuits over property confiscated in Cuba during the 1959 revolution angered European allies who vowed to challenge the reversal of more than two decades of policy.

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Ten days in which the policy of #Washington VS #Cuba was left without arguments (+ Photos and Videos)

Sin título.jpg

From an acclaimed pop-rock group, Hollywood stars, to members of the British royal family, in less than 10 days Havana has made headlines several times for the presence of celebrities from a range of sectors of social, cultural and cultural life. global economy, despite the winds of threats coming from the north.

The capital of all Cubans seduces personalities from around the world in the year of its 500th anniversary and cruise ships continue to enter its bay and new airlines, such as the Russian IrAero, are rushing to open new routes to the destination, behind their backs of the uncertainty that is intended to be created with the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which seeks to submit demands to Cuban entities that supposedly traffic with nationalized US properties.

Since last March 19, US courts can open lawsuits against a list of more than 200 Cuban companies published unilaterally and in violation of sovereignty by the Donald Trump administration, and it is speculated that the application of this law will be extended to certain countries. and entities in accordance with arbitrary criteria and in clear violation of international law.

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March 19th, #Havana #Cuba 3 years ago …


#LetsGoTravel – #Cuba’s Leading Resort 2019 / @Paradisus Varadero @MeliaCuba – Via @WTravelAwards


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#HelmsBurtonAct meant to re-colonize #Cuba: #Trump is tighten the #blockade and dissuade foreign investors in #Cuba / #UnblockCuba

0305-Caricatura-Título III de la Ley Helms-Burton

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This law is more interventionist that the Platt Amendment of 1901 and the Reciprocity Treaty Cuba was forced to sign to be granted fictitious independence, at the beginning of the 20th century.

-It is an attack on the independence and dignity of Cuba, with openly annexation, colonialist intentions.

– The Helms-Burton Act was approved to provoke a change in Cuba’s political and economic system.

– Its Titles I and II include a series of requirements defining a transition government, and what constitutes a democratically elected government, according to the U.S.

– It constitutes intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, in violation of international law.

– It is also an affront to the sovereignty of other countries of the world, given its intention to enforce U.S. jurisdiction extraterritoriality.

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A distressing policy reversal on #Cuba Via The Washington Post / #HelmsBurtonAct

As faith leaders with deep ties to Cuban religious communities, we find the Trump administration’s reversal of more than two decades of U.S. policy, highlighted in the March 5 news article “U.S. tightens Cuban embargo, allowing legal claims for confiscated property,” distressing because it will harm the Cuban people. 

Church World Service (CWS), the National Council of Churches and congregations across the United States work closely with partner churches in Cuba. CWS has helped Cubans recover from disasters, including Hurricanes Michelle, Ivan, Dennis, Gustav, Ike, Sandy, Matthew and Irma. The welfare of the Cuban people and of all who experience severe hardship is a priority for us and should be for the White House.

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Extra-territorial / #HelmsBurtonAct: every 45 days a nut adjustment for #Cuba until 2020 – Via Sputnik / #UnblockCuba


CONSEQUENCES /The implementation of Title III would open a Pandora’s Box, and could have a boomerang effect, with complaints filed against the U.S. government itself by other states. Several other nations denounced the Helms-Burton Act, immediately following its approval, citing the extraterritoriality of provisions that could be implemented in their territory. The international reaction was not long in coming, and several laws and regulations were established in other countries as “antidotes” – including those in Canada dated October 22 of 1996; Mexico, October 23 that same year; CE No. 2271/96 approved by the European Union Council; and Spain’s Law 27 dated July 13,1998. Universal condemnation of the Helms-Burton has been repeatedly expressed in the United Nations General Assembly, with the votes of 189 nations during the last session, opposed only by the U.S. and Israel.

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On March 19, the courts of the United States will accept the lawsuits filed against companies included in the List of Restricted Cuban Entities of the Department of State. The measure is part of the latest revision of the Helms-Burton Act, the backbone of the US embargo against Cuba.

The survival of an administration that is battling serious legal problems (in which President Donald Trump is immersed) resolves “to divert attention to the issue of migration and the demonization of the Democratic Party,” Cuban political scientist Arturo López-Levy told Sputnik. 

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#FactsMatter – “Title III of the #HelmsBurtonAct its only a part of a legislation designed 2 besiege #Cuba. As a Law compiles the worst of the #US policy of economic harassment vs #Cuba initiated more than five decades ago”

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