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Ten days in which the policy of #Washington VS #Cuba was left without arguments (+ Photos and Videos)

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From an acclaimed pop-rock group, Hollywood stars, to members of the British royal family, in less than 10 days Havana has made headlines several times for the presence of celebrities from a range of sectors of social, cultural and cultural life. global economy, despite the winds of threats coming from the north.

The capital of all Cubans seduces personalities from around the world in the year of its 500th anniversary and cruise ships continue to enter its bay and new airlines, such as the Russian IrAero, are rushing to open new routes to the destination, behind their backs of the uncertainty that is intended to be created with the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which seeks to submit demands to Cuban entities that supposedly traffic with nationalized US properties.

Since last March 19, US courts can open lawsuits against a list of more than 200 Cuban companies published unilaterally and in violation of sovereignty by the Donald Trump administration, and it is speculated that the application of this law will be extended to certain countries. and entities in accordance with arbitrary criteria and in clear violation of international law.

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March 19th, #Havana #Cuba 3 years ago …


#LetsGoTravel – #Cuba’s Leading Resort 2019 / @Paradisus Varadero @MeliaCuba – Via @WTravelAwards


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Traveling To #Cuba Has Never Been So Easy – LEADING THE WAY IN #CUBA TRAVEL FOR #AMERICANS SINCE 2000 Via Insight Cuba

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Cuba… a place and a people rooted in culture, history and curiosity. All but closed to Americans for nearly half a century, insight Cuba brought the first Americans for people-to-people trips in 2000. Join us, the leader in legal, small group, people-to-people Cuba travel, and experience firsthand this once-forbidden country in ways never before possible.

A distressing policy reversal on #Cuba Via The Washington Post / #HelmsBurtonAct

As faith leaders with deep ties to Cuban religious communities, we find the Trump administration’s reversal of more than two decades of U.S. policy, highlighted in the March 5 news article “U.S. tightens Cuban embargo, allowing legal claims for confiscated property,” distressing because it will harm the Cuban people. 

Church World Service (CWS), the National Council of Churches and congregations across the United States work closely with partner churches in Cuba. CWS has helped Cubans recover from disasters, including Hurricanes Michelle, Ivan, Dennis, Gustav, Ike, Sandy, Matthew and Irma. The welfare of the Cuban people and of all who experience severe hardship is a priority for us and should be for the White House.

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#Cuba cable ski park #LetsGoTravel2Cuba


With five towers, seven hook up points, capacity for up to 110 skiers per day (12 simultaneously), and an area of more than 7,000 square meters, the water skiing cable-way, located in the northern Jardines del Rey resort, will contribute to the diversification of Cuban tourism products.

A cable skiing system makes it possible to learn and practice water skiing and wake-boarding at a constant speed, over a course that covers a distance of up to 530 meters. The skier’s rope and handle are pulled by a horizontal electrically-driven cable, up to ten meters above sea level.

According to Lilliam Rangel, sales specialist of the CON-IMPEX HGmbH & Co. KG Group, responsible for the construction of this new attraction, along with the Cuban extra-hotel enterprise Palmares S.A, located southeast of Cayo Guillermo, the contract for the project was signed at the end of 2014. The first materials arrived in March 2015 and construction and assembly works began last September.

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#Cuba arrives @ the first million #tourists in 2019 / #UnBlockCuba #LetsGoTravelToCuba – Via Cubadebate

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Cuba intends to exceed this 2019, for the first time, the figure of five million international visitors. In 2018, the country received 4 million 700 thousand international visitors, establishing a record number of arrivals for the eleventh consecutive year.

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New Majestic Hotel Via @MeliaCuba in #varadero #matazas #cuba


An old Pic. of the International Hotel

This majestic and classic hotel, an icon on beautiful Varadero beach, provides the most modern technology and a wide range of dining and entertainment options

Located on the beachfront, it boasts excellent sea views and large swimming pool and garden areas. Varadero international airport is only 20 minutes away, along with other important travel destinations such as Havana, Cienfuegos and Cayo Santa María

Our homely and contemporary rooms provide home automation technology, superior comfort and beautiful sea views, especially from the two exclusive Penthouse Suites

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Why You Should Take an Educational Trip to Dive Cuba – Via


Cuba may be one of the best diving destinations in the world. For decades, Cuba has been a favorite dive destination for Canadian divers. The combination of great dive sites, year-round diving and an interesting culture is the perfect draw. Cuba has over 500 dive sites which outnumbers Cayman’s 365 dive site program.

Destinations such as Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen), Canarreos Archipelago, Jardines del Rey (Garden of the Kings), Varadero and the Hicacos Peninsula, are well-known to Canadian divers but not as well-known to the rest of us. The primary reason is that Cuba is not widely marketed as a scuba diving destination.

Tourists from the United States form the largest number of tourist in the Caribbean. Also, The majority of scuba divers are from the United States. We, therefore, find that most of the marketing is targetted to that market. However, The US does not allow its citizens to visit Cuba for tourism. So marketing from Cuba is lacking.

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