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Original Post Automatically Translate: Empresas turísticas de EEUU aseguran que Cuba es un destino seguro / Cubadebate Cuba

“The reality is that Americans can continue to travel to Cuba almost as they did before the new regulations,” said Tom Popper, president of Insight Cuba, which organized a forum in Havana with US companies in the tourism sector.

Executives from companies from the travel agencies, hotels, tour operators, airlines and cruise companies expressed their interest in continuing trade relations with Cuba.

“We see many opportunities in Cuba, especially on the Havana-Miami route,” said Martha Pantin, corporate communications manager of American Airlines, a company that already operates nine daily flights to five Cuban destinations. “We have requested permission for 17 additional frequencies,” 

“The message is that Cuba is open to business, safe, wonderful and legal for travelers from the United States,” said Terry Dale, president of the Association of Tour Operators of the United States.

Within the new policy of US President Donald Trump, to the island, banned US companies from making direct monetary transactions with a number of companies in the tourism sector, on the charge that they are controlled by the Cuban Army.

It also hardened the conditions for travel to the island by US citizens, who although were already banned from tourism, and only can travel as part of a cultural, academic or religious trip, among others.

But despite the obstacles in the procedures, Trump’s measures did not vary the 12 categories of trips approved by the previous US administration to facilitate visits to the island, which have now been restricted to trips organized in groups.

“The new measures have created a lot of confusion about the reality of travel to Cuba. But the truth is that Cuba remains a legal and safe destination for American travelers even before the new regulations of the Treasury Department, “said lawyer Lindsay Frank.

During 2017, 620,000 Americans traveled to Cuba and none had health problems during their stay on the island. An argument that would contradict the travel warning issued by the State Department last September and that in early January had to lift and pass it to “reconsider” the trip.

“It is very important for American travelers to understand that the travel warning from the State Department does not legally prevent Americans from traveling to Cuba,” explained lawyer Lindsay Frank.



Without Doubt: The Safest Country in the World for Tourism

The Excellence Award as the safest country for tourism was delivered to Cuba at the #Fitur2018 International Fair

Via Fox News – U.S. tour groups call warnings about travel to Cuba baseless; vow to continue taking Americans to island

All things considered, Cuba is one of the safest destinations for travelers. It is also one of the most unique culturally, politically, and geographically. InsightCuba was the first organization to bring Americans on tours to Cuba, and has perfected the art after years of experience. All InsightCuba tours are staffed with both a Cuban and an American guide who are available 24/7 to help you learn all about Cuba and ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime – an experience that is unforgettable for all the right reasons.


Jazz Plaza International Festival 2018

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All u need to know HEREHERE

Jazz Plaza Official Site – If Cuba was the only country in the world, earth would be known as the music planet.

That’s why global celebs and jazz aficionados flock to legendary Cuba like pilgrims to Mecca for the Havana International Jazz Festival.

Sensuous Cuba is a nation of intense rhythms, colors, emotions, aromas and flavors. What travelers remember most is its ubiquitous pulsating music – and the passionate friendly islanders who make and revel in it.

Cuba’s a music machine pumping out wall-to-wall sound that fuels the global music scene. Come visit Cuba with us. Jump into its audio inferno of Afro-cuban beats, Latin jazz and swirling salsa, and dizzying son and rumba.

We’ve been helping music lovers experience the richness of Cuban life and culture since 1997. Our Jazz tours follow the official Jazz Plaza programs of the Cuban Institute of Music and the Cuban Ministry of Culture.

Highly recommended reading – Via The WSJ


Traveling to Cuba is (Still) Easier Than You Think – Even with the latest round of changes to the U.S.-Cuba tourism policy, American vacationers can still legally visit. Our reporter sets out on a week-long cycling trip in the Cuban countryside


Enjoy Cuban Food at Home – Via @InsightCuba

cuban food

If you are interested in visiting Cuba or perhaps you just got back from the island, one of the most memorable parts of a Cuban adventure is the food. Cuban cuisine is a unique combination of influences that create a fusion of exotic, delicious flavors.  

Cuban food is influenced by the indigenous people, West-African, and Europeans. This Caribbean cultural mixture is known criolla or Creole and not only defines people groups and customs but also defines the kind of food you will eat in Cuba.  

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Hey Trump !!! this is called: taking advantage of the opportunities – “Arrived in Holguin first charter flight from Russia in search of nature tourism and maritime offers”

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Post by CubaDebate

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From Russia arrived in Holguin on Monday morning the first charter flight of NordwinAirlines with more than 300 tourists on the Boeing 777-300.

The Russian tour operator Pegas Touristik, who has been operating for more than a year at the Cayo Coco, in the center of the island; For the first time, it diversified its destination to Holguin contracted until October 2018. Flights will be arriving at Frank Pais Garcia International Airport every 10 days.

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A pity, Mr. Trump… (It’s the U.S. who are missing out) Via Villa Paradiso – Baracoa – Cuba

villa paradiso

The current president of the United States imposed regulations that trample on U.S. citizens’ right to travel to Cuba in whatever manner they choose. Sadly, next year we will receive less U.S. citizens and make less new U.S. friends than we did over the past 12 months.

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Both Mr. Trump and Senator Marco Rubio claim to be aiming at Cuba’s government. The truth is that all the Cuban people are negatively impacted by their measures. And both U.S. politicians pretend to be doing this on behalf of Cuban small businesses. Sorry, Mr. Trump and Mr. Rubio – not in our name!

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Renovated Environment at Cayo Guillermo’s Dolphinarium Via Latin Press


After recovering from the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, the facility is operating at full capacity during the peak tourist season.

Owned by the Cuban extrahotel group Palmares, the Dolphinarium offers swims and interaction with dolphins.

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Retrospective on Cuba-U.S. relations 3 years after the thaw


Post by @CubanWindow – Automatically Translate

Cuba and the U.S. between obstacles and wills –  Razones de Cuba

President Trump apparently shares the views of the group that wrote the report entitled How to conduct relations with Cuba in the 21st century, which states that: “The United States and Cuba have not had normal relations since the United States intervened in the war between Cuba and Spain in 1898. “

For those who have studied the history of Cuba and the United States, this date is far from reality, because we could go back to the Ten Years War (1868) and even earlier, but these lines do not seek to relate historical events.

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