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Did you know that Cuba is also known for its stunning landscapes and waterfalls? – Via Locally Sourced Cuba ‏/ @Lsourced

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Topes de Collantes, in the middle of the island is a biosphere park which natural wealth can surprise you !



Start the day with fresh fruit and great coffee, tea or hot chocolate… – Via Villa Paradiso

Who says Cuban food is bad! Our guests will tell you otherwise – in Baracoa (and at Villa Paradiso!) food is delicious and there’s something for everybody – vegetarian, vegan folks or meat and seafood lovers.

Villa Paradiso offers its guests breakfasts and dinners with the best of Baracoa and Eastern Cuba’s traditional and creative cuisine, all prepared with fresh, organic ingredients from the region.

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U.S. Citizens Take Strong Interest in Cuba

seminario-de-periodismo-y-turismo3by Roberto Campos

HAVANA.- The influx of U.S. tourists to Cuba is one of the topics that draws much attention from journalists specialized in tourist issues, as evidenced at a meeting recently held here. As stated by professor Paolo Spadoni, of the Augusta University (Georgia, USA), if restrictions on the travel of U.S. citizens to Cuba were lifted, about 3.5 million of them would visit the island.

During his talk, the U.S. professor noted that over one million U.S. visitors could come to the island in the short term if the travel restrictions imposed by the government of president Donald Trump were lifted. Continue reading “U.S. Citizens Take Strong Interest in Cuba”

Pastors for Peace prepares next trip to Cuba


Pastors for Peace, Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization of the United States, prepares your next trip to Cuba. Executives of that institution, which has contributed so much to the strengthening of friendship ties between the two peoples, had to postpone the traditional caravan of solidarity due to problems in reserving tickets.

Gail Walker, executive director of Pastors for Peace, said that as another consequence of the blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba, the aircraft fleet that was available this summer was reduced and they could not secure the necessary seats.  However, he added, we do not desist and we remain determined to continue solidarity with the Cubans and now we are planning the November trip, which will be between the 16th and the 25th of that month.  Continue reading “Pastors for Peace prepares next trip to Cuba”

Delta Expanding Service to Cuba from Miami


Delta Air Lines announced Wednesday it will be adding a second nonstop flight from Miami to Havana, Cuba. Starting October 28, Delta will offer the new flight five times a week between Miami International Airport and Havana International Airport on Airbus A320 aircraft, which offer 16 First Class seats, 18 Delta Comfort+ seats and 123 Main Cabin seats.

Delta began serving Cuba again in 2016, connecting Havana with Miami, New York City and Atlanta. The carrier also became the first U.S. airline to open a City Ticket Office at the Havana sector of La Rampa, which was later expanded to accommodate increased customer demand.

Confusion About Travel Restrictions to Cuba Provides Opportunity for Agents

GetImageby Jessica Montevago / 

Two years after the easing of travel restrictions to Cuba for Americans, fewer people are interested in taking a trip to the island nation than before and there is lingering confusion surrounding the current travel policy, according to a study by travel insurance provider, Allianz.

The new regulations and what they are not saying in the written language is what is confusing consumers. How people can travel to Cuba, how they can obtain what they need in order to do so, what should and could they do. They still aren’t sure,” Tammy Estes, Certified Accessible Travel Advocate (CATA) of Estes Consultant of Travel, in Augusta, Maine, told Travel Market Report. “Travel to Cuba is not impossible, and we need to tap into the industry and help guide our consumers through the confusion!”

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Cuba: Safe Tourist Destination


Despite the US blockade and Trump´s recent measures, #Cuba is still a safe tourist destination and the number of visitors grow steadily.

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Havana is the epicenter of Cuba – the equivalent of New York City. Words can’t do this city justice. It must be experienced. Cuba travel veteran, Howie Axelrod, recently shared 5 must do’s while in the capital city. Here are a few more of his favorites to add to your Havana bucket list. 

1)     Morro Cabana Military Park – aka Cuban Missile Crisis Park – Not far from the beautiful plazas of Downtown Havana in the outskirts of the city lies a unique piece of history. It is here where many of the missiles and armaments that created the rift between Cuba and the US that still exists today have been turned into an outdoor exhibit. In October 1962 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev ordered a clandestine installation of medium-range missiles in Cuba. These were detected by U.S. spy aircraft, leading to the downing of a US reconnaissance aircraft, a high seas standoff, and the ensuing embargo of US shipments of goods to Cuba that still exists today. You will see the real hardware here. These are not replicas. The Cuban Missile Crisis shaped life in today’s Cuba more than anything that preceded it. 

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U.S. tourism to Cuba revives after months-long Trump slump – sources


HAVANA, July 17 (Reuters) – U.S. tourism in Cuba bounced back in June from a months-long slump, bolstered by increased visits from cruise ships that have emerged as the most vibrant part of a sector hurt by deteriorating relations under President Donald Trump.

Three different sources with access to Cuban tourism industry data said 68,000 Americans, not including Americans of Cuban origin on family visits, traveled to the island in June, a 5 percent increase from a year ago. Even with that revival, the number of U.S. visitors to Cuba for the first half overall – not including Cuban-Americans – slumped 24 percent to 266,000, the sources said.  In the period January through June, some 50 percent of those U.S. visitors arrived on cruise ships, compared with 25 percent a year earlier, as operators such as Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd added more stops on the island to their itineraries. Continue reading

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