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Roswell Park CEO sees cancer research on cusp of big advances – Via The Buffalo News

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Advances in immune-therapy offer great optimism that new, effective ways to treat and prevent cancer are close to becoming reality for patients, the head of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center said Thursday, in a review of work at the cancer center.

“The immune system has the power to treat cancer and maybe get rid of it before it starts,” said Candace S. Johnson, the president and chief executive officer.

She served as keynote speaker at The Buffalo News’ Prospectus Premiere event at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens in Depew. The News’ annual business forecast publication, Prospectus, will be published Jan. 28.

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#ChildhoodCancer Awareness Day


11 US Pres. have ignored the claim of Cuban children suffering from cancer

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Every year Cuba presents its report to the UN General Assembly calling for the lifting of the unilateral Blockade imposed by the US on the island since 1961, which has caused losses of more than 39 million dollars to the health sector in Cuba.

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Lights and Shadows for Patients Suffering Mortal Diseases (II)

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HemOnc spoke with Candace S. Johnson, PhD, president and CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Institute, about the collaboration with Centro de Inmunologia Molecular in Havana; the effort to conduct a trial to test the lung cancer vaccine; and how this initiative may lay the groundwork for future U.S.-based investigations and improve access to those therapies.

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Lights and Shadows for Patients Suffering Mortal Diseases (I)


Written up from the publications post by Genetic Engineering and Biotechnological Center and other sites.

Cuba has one of the most advanced medical biotechnology industries in the world. With more than 12,000 employees, including scientists and engineers, it enjoys hefty government investment and prolifically produces new treatments and medications since 1986.

All told, according the World Health Organization, the Cuban biotech industry holds around 1,200 international patents and markets pharmaceutical products and vaccines in more than 50 countries .

As a result of our long isolation from Cuba, most Americans are unaware that researchers in Cuba have developed many effective treatments at the country’s Molecular Immunology Institute. * The center was designed and inaugurated by Fidel Castro in 1986


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