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Image of the day: More than 7 thousand #patients attended in a #Cuban campaign hospital in #Mozambique Via Cubadebate / #MoreThanDoctors




#Havana Film Festival #NYC April 5 – 16 2019 / #Cuba Trailer I – ” The Extraordinary Journey of Celeste Garcia”

#NewOrleans Mayor in #Cuba / #UnBlockCuba

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#Cuba Contributes a Field #Hospital to Help #Mozambique #Aftermath #Hurricane #Idai Via Radio Cadena Agramonte


Cuba will send a field hospital to Mozambique to reinforce health care there with Cuban doctors deployed in that African country …

The aid will be sent in the coming hours and the hospital has the necessary logistics and personnel to support Mozambicans …

Last week, several regions of Mozambique were hit by cyclone Idai, with winds packing 170 kilometers per hour and heavy rains that left so far over 400 deaths, 110,000 homeless people and significant material losses.

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#Pompeo outlines lie against #Cuba / #Pompeo #HandsOffVenezuela


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Cuba has denounced the tendency to lie without limit or any restraint by the #US government…On Monday (11.03.2019) Pompeo accuses the Governments of Cuba and Russia of “interventionism” for supporting the “illegitimate” president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

“The nations that support Maduro, by the nature of their illegitimate regime, are carrying out the same foreign interventionism that they accuse others of,” said at a press conference. For more than 15 minutes, Pompeo lashed out against Russia and Cuba, two of the countries that back Maduro and believe that Washington is meddling in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

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#Venezuela Aid Live: those rich and macho-man who sang to the war – Via Cubainformacion / #USHandsOffVenezuela #Cuba #Venezuela

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The concert “Venezuela Aid Live” was not only a song to the war and the US military intervention in Venezuela.

In addition, it was a macho-man act from beginning to end. For starters, of 32 artists, only three were women.

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#Cuba arrives @ the first million #tourists in 2019 / #UnBlockCuba #LetsGoTravelToCuba – Via Cubadebate

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Cuba intends to exceed this 2019, for the first time, the figure of five million international visitors. In 2018, the country received 4 million 700 thousand international visitors, establishing a record number of arrivals for the eleventh consecutive year.

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#Cubans: Why do I have to vote Yes? #ConstitutionalReform #Cuba #YoVotoSi Via Santa Mambisa

#YoVotoSi 4 #Cuba

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By Roberto Fuentes (collaborator of the Santamambisa)

When the television, the radio and all the media repeated them to us again and again, to the point of saturating us, and in good Cuban we were to “turn off the plant”, without thinking about it; nature, contradictory wise, sent us the happy tornado.

Suddenly the reality changed in a second, and before the magnitude of the disaster and its consequences for thousands of Cubans, including myself, society shuddered.

After a few days, and a little recovered, and with the affectations directed, after this lived reality, I necessarily have the necessary reflection, and the minutes, the hours, the lived days pass through my mind.

And then without hesitation, NOT because they impose it on me, or repeat it to me, not even because of commitment to anyone, but because I am convinced that I have to VOTE YES.

  • YES because those who were unfortunately wounded were treated immediately, without anyone asking their political affiliation, whether they support the government or not, whether they were communists or not, whether they sympathized with my new president or not, and even less if they are members of the so-called “opposition”, which we, plain and simple, as good Cubans, call counter-revolution.
  • YES because my new president, the one chosen by people chosen by me, and not a group of “compromisarios” who never know the ones below, knows where my affected house is, was there.
  • Yes, because he arrived, minutes after the tornado, and not to humiliate us by throwing rolls of toilet paper, but by worrying first about the health of the people, his attention, his physical recovery.After affirming that nobody was going to be left helpless and everything would be solved. And although I know that this is very difficult, we believed him for the mere fact of being there.
  • Yes, because this is the only place in the world where a tornado unleashes another thunder of force far superior to the one that impacted us; a tornado of solidarity, which brought to our affected neighborhoods thousands of other Cubans who did not suffer their impact, but who shared our pain.
  • Yes, because that immense “cone” of solidarity “dragged” thousands of other Cuban residents hundreds of kilometers away and none asked how much they would earn for that or if they would receive additional remuneration. They only picked up their tools with the desire to help others in need and with the conviction that, if they were ever the ones affected, they would receive the same torrent of solidarity in the opposite direction.
  • Yes, because the intensity of the solidarity of our society is capable of shaking the fibers of everyone, from the pioneers to the grandparents.
  • YES because the delivery of materials for the reconstruction began to arrive practically the other day of the accident and not 13 months later as in Puerto Rico.
  • YES because the basic services were restored almost entirely in just one week, and today there are still areas without power in Puerto Rico more than a year later.

For all that and more # YoVotoSí.

#Cuba: University applicants receive preparation 2 participate in #HigherEducation text through a television program


Via Canal Educativo 2 (Educational Channel 2) Like every year, in addition to the reviews given in the classrooms to the students, a prestigious group of professors of the national education system will offer methods and procedures; propose independent work activities and guide bibliographic references, which will allow students to exercise the knowledge and skills acquired in the subjects of Mathematics, History of Cuba and Spanish, during their passage through pre-university education

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