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#Cuba: National campaign for #nonviolence vs women and girls – Via Alma Mater Magazine (+Video) #RevistaAlmaMater #NoViolenciadeGénero #Juventudescubanas

Slogan: Evolves, Harassment delays you / Related Alma Mater Magazine



@IBEROSTAR_Cuba Grand Hotel Trinidad Wins Quality Leader Award (+photos) – Via Escambray English

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, was granted the Quality Leader Award, in its sixth edition, by the National Trade Union of Hotels and Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism, said officials from that entity.

The only five-star hotel located in a city in central Cuba, won the prize because of its contributions to the economy as well as the high levels of efficiency in customer service.

It was known that in order to receive this distinction a full evaluation was carried out as well as surveys of foreign and national guests, which are included in specialized websites such as Tripadvisor.

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#MoreThanDoctors #MaisMedicos #Masmedicos – Spokesperson statements. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba



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During the past few months, the U.S. State Department has been concocting a new pretext to affect bilateral diplomatic relations, associated to the granting of the diplomatic and official visas required by the staff of the respective embassies in Washington and Havana to perform their duties. The maneuver consists of claiming that Cuba is hindering the granting of visas for designated officials at the U.S. embassy in Cuba, which allegedly hinders the work of that diplomatic mission.

In doing so, the State Department deliberately conceals the fact that it was the U.S. government that unilaterally decided to downsize its staff in Havana in September, 2017, including particularly the staff in charge of consular services, with the consequent encumbrance for Cuban and U.S. citizens who depend on those services. The U.S. government decided to arbitrarily and unjustly expel 15 Cuban diplomatic officials from the Cuban embassy in Washington in October of that same year.

Since that date, the work of both diplomatic missions has been affected by these unilateral decisions. Likewise, the granting of the visas required by the staff of the respective embassies has been subject to whimsical approvals and delays by the State Department.


In Cuba after 133, 681 popular consultation meetings the Commission drafting proposed #ConstitutionOfTheRepublicOfCuba meets


The Commission was informed of results from the recently concluded popular consultation, during which 133, 681 meetings were held, with 8,945,521 persons attending.

In these meetings, 1,706,872 citizens spoke, making 783,174 proposals, (666,995 modifications, 32,149 additions, 45,548 eliminations, and 38,482 requests for clarification).

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A seismic force named Fidel (+ Photos) – Via Granma Cuba

Since I was a boy, as long as I can remember, I always thought of him as a giant. As an adult, I admired his profound, revolutionary conviction, his uncompromising anti-imperialism, his resolute struggle against any vestige of discrimination or injustice, no matter how small, and also for his loyalty to Martí’s thought, and his personal example of never being affected by vanity or ambition regarding any position or honor, because as Martí said, “All the world’s glory could fit in a kernel of corn.”


Fidel… a death that will never arrive – “He who puts down roots in his land… is loved… To him our hearts are open, so he may enter…” José Martí / Via GranmaCuba + CubaSi


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This Saturday, two years after his death, Fidel returned to the university where he became a revolutionary, to stand beside the youth in whom he always believed. 
The political-cultural commemoration on the second anniversary of the Comandante’s physical departure, headed by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, was only a pretext to fill the University of Havana’s Grand Stairway with thousands – generations who knew him and are committed to continuing his efforts.

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#Cuba + European Union Review Bilateral Cooperation – Via TheCubanHandshake


Cuba and the European Union (EU) on Monday reviewed the current state and prospects of bilateral cooperation, including the analysis of initiatives in the fields of culture and climate change.

As confirmed by the Center for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment (ProCuba), the exchange was taken over by the first Subcommittee on Cooperation between the parties, which also served as a scenario to sign new joint projects.

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#Cuba to Welcome Spanish President on Thursday – Via Escambray


Pedro Sánchez Pérez Castejón will be the first Spanish president to officially visit Cuba since 1986, when Felipe González visited the island

The President of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain, Pedro Sánchez Pérez Castejón, will make an official visit to Cuba
from November 22, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba informed in this capital.

A note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba states that the Sanchez will hold official talks with Cuban authorities and will carry out other activities.

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