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#Cuba: University applicants receive preparation 2 participate in #HigherEducation text through a television program


Via Canal Educativo 2 (Educational Channel 2) Like every year, in addition to the reviews given in the classrooms to the students, a prestigious group of professors of the national education system will offer methods and procedures; propose independent work activities and guide bibliographic references, which will allow students to exercise the knowledge and skills acquired in the subjects of Mathematics, History of Cuba and Spanish, during their passage through pre-university education

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@ifcop4p visit Santa Ifigenia cemetery in Cuba – Via Radio Cadena Agramonte


The Pastors for Peace caravan for 29 consecutive years has come to Cuba in frank defiance of the North American regulations of the blockade, he said.

This project of Lucius Walker always received the attention of the Cuban people and the Commander in Chief, it is an admirable gesture of these people who travel in caravans all over the territory of the United States transmitting the truth about Cuba, they are already joined by people from other countries, he said.

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The most dire diplomatic crisis of the Trump administration, or maybe just the weirdest, began without much notice in November 2016, some three weeks after the new president was elected. An American working at the U.S. Embassy in Havana—some call him Patient Zero—complained that he had heard strange noises outside his home. “It was annoying to the point where you had to go in the house and close all the windows and doors and turn up the TV,” the diplomat told ProPublica. Zero discussed the sound with his next-door neighbor, who also worked at the embassy. The neighbor said, yeah, he too had heard noises, which he described as “mechanical-sounding.”

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#TuesdayMotivations – Therapeutic clowns & The Healing Power of Laughter / #Cuba

“Cuba has a clown academy, located in the eastern province of Las Tunas, where graduates are trained in the art form, and the inclusion of a therapeutic module has already been proposed. We formed after the Canadian, Joan Barrington, director of Therapeutic Clowns International, visited us in 2012, taught a course, and trained several instructors. Subsequently, they have been responsible for multiplying this knowledge throughout the country, supported by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health”

National coordinator of Cuba’s therapeutic clowns group 



Sparking a good laugh and shaking off sadness is the greatest desire of therapeutic clowns, people of great human sensitivity who build relationships of complicity and affection with long-stay hospital patients, as MSc Aniet Venereo Pérez-Castro, otherwise known as the clown Celeste, explained to Granma International.

She defined therapeutic clowns as people who don the representative red nose and provide moments of amusement and relaxation for those suffering from chronic conditions.

Professionals from different specialties such as doctors, rehabilitation, psychologists, artists and others volunteer their time and talent in this effort to provide patients with necessary hope, which can contribute to their rapid recovery. They also visit nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, psycho-pedagogical centers, and institutions for adults with chronic diseases.

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Unicef Highlights Immunization of Cuban Children against Three Virus – Via Radio Reloj


Havana, Cuba.- More than 95 thousand children were immunized in Cuba during 2018 with the triple viral vaccine (PRS), highlights the United Nations Children”s Fund in Cuba (Cuba-Unicef).

At present, the largest island of the Antilles has vaccination coverage of more than 98 percent, with 11 preparations that protect against 13 diseases, several of them of national production.

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#Cuba bet for Five Million Visitors in 2019

Cuba intends to close 2019 with 5.1 million foreign visitors, representing its twelfth year of growth, predicted Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero.

According to the Minister, 2018 will close with 4.75 million tourists, 850,000 of whom will have traveled on regular cruises.

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Cuban Baseball Federation Will Address MLB Agreement with Players – Via Latin Press


The Cuban Baseball Federation announced on Thursday it will hold a series of meetings in several provinces of the country to explain to the players the letter and content of the agreement signed several days ago with the Major Leagues of the United States.

In a press release made public this Thursday, the FCB reports that ‘during December 27, 28 and 29, it will hold regional work meetings with the players participating in the 58th National Series and their immediate reserve.’ 

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February 24 – #Referendum on New #Constitution Takes Shape in #Cuba – Via Latin Press


The referendum scheduled on February 24 for Cubans to vote on the new Constitution of the Republic takes shape today with the appointment of the electoral authorities in charge of the referendum.

In accordance with the Cuban Electoral Law, the Council of State announced the appointment of the 17 members of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), which headed by Alina Balseiro, will have the responsibility to organize, direct and validate a process in which more than eight million people are called to cast their direct and secrete votes.

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#Japan is interested in tourism and renewable energy in #Cuba


Highlights from the original post:

  • XV Meeting of the Cuba-Japan Economic Conference
  • Mitsubishi, Marubeni, Creo Trade y Jetro
  • Medium-term Bilateral Economic Agenda (five years) between Japan and Cuba
  • Third Joint Public-Private Committee Cuba Japan: 31 executives from eight organizations and 33 representatives from 14 Japanese companies
  • Next meeting will be in Tokyo in 2020

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