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Hardin-Simmons University Dr. Miller and his students will present their asteroid project in Cuba


Post by @CubaWindow From the original post @ Hardin-Simmons University /   June 27, 2017

Dr. Patrick Miller, a Professor of Mathematics at Hardin-Simmons University, and two HSU students, Kade Wagner and David Offner, will be presenting in Havana, Cuba at the X International Congress on Didactics of Science and the XV International Workshops on the Teaching of Physics on April 2-6, 2018. Miller and his students have been personally invited by the Directorate of Science Programs at de Ministry of Education in Cuba to attend and present at this international conference.

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Cuba Educational Travel: People 2 People experience

Cuba People to people

Post by @CubanWindow From the Original  By Danny King / June 27, 2017 – Cuba Educational Travel’s Collin Laverty / Travel Weekly

Run by Collin Laverty, a leading expert on Cuba and U.S.-Cuba relations, Cuba Educational Travel organizes educational exchange programs and people-to-people travel for U.S. citizens and residents to Cuba. We believe our two countries have much to learn from each other and meaningful exchanges that foster dialogue can be highly beneficial to strengthening the artistic, environmental, medical, scientific, and social science communities in the U.S. and Cuba. Most importantly, increased travel and people-to-people contact will strengthen ties between ordinary Americans and – Cubans.

The Original post:

Collin Laverty is the president of Cuba Educational Travel, which specializes in arranging exchange programs and people-to-people travel for Americans to Cuba. Laverty has visited the island more than 100 times, and his company has taken more than 12,000 travelers to Cuba since 2013. Laverty spoke with senior editor Danny King.

Q: What is the potential impact of President Trump’s intention to reverse the Obama administration’s decision to allow individual people-to-people travel to Cuba?

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Geographical #paradoxes

cuba eu

MEPs approve EU-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement

Post by @CubanWindow

👉While the moves away from the is increasingly approaching the Caribbean island 👍Approved 2day by 57 votes in favor the bilateral Dialogue & btwn &

Cuba also exists in the blogosphere


Post by @CubanWindow from the Original Cuban bloggers vs. Trump



Cuba also exists in the blogosphere.

It is the daily testimony and free thought of a nation and a people in all its rich culture of resistance and life.

Precisely because of that patriotism that identifies us as a community, we denounce the recent statements by the President of the United States,  so offensive and insulting toward our people.

Trump brakes, backs off, takes off in history, assumes the worst of positions and was surrounded by subjects with a comprehensive criminal record

The Cuban bloggers:

  • We follow and encourage the rapprochement between the two nations, despite their differences, 
  • we reject the return to the offensive discourse and the politics of the caverns, so often defeated
  • We reprove all intentions of force against the Island, while disqualifying terrorists and cheating politicians as valid interlocutors for Cubans.

President Trump must know that his mandate does not extend to Cuba and his offenses brought back to the “ice age” serve only to reinforce anti-imperialist sentiment, one more reason to unite as Cubans

The road that we have followed and the qualities of the wheel that cross it are legitimate for the popular genesis that has given it life, without pressure of any kind, forged from the people to whom we owe our roots and the incredible history of this land, Which struggles day by day for a better society and for a better world.

Those who wish to join this statement can do so through the various platforms of Social Networks where it has been published or, in their personal pages.

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Commitment to social service: Cuban doctors reach the farthest peasant settlements


Post By @CubanWindow

Summary From the Original Taking healthcare to rural areas / Offering healthcare services in the country’s remote mountainous regions is a learning experience vital to the professional development of young Cuban doctors. After graduating they work for one year in offices in rural zones across the nation as part of their social service commitment

Their efforts have contributed to reducing infant and maternal mortality rates; raising average life expectancy, and reducing numbers of deaths due to chronic non-infectious diseases.

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Trump will find it difficult 2 implement their hostile policy in the US relations with Cuba: (R), (D), Senators and Governors r pushing forward …

Post By @CubanWindow

From the original Lt. Gov. Smith to lead trade trip to Cuba / Brian Bakst · · Jun 15, 2017 MPR NEWS

Related: MN lawmakers irked by Trump Cuba plan

A 14-person delegation headed by Lt. Gov. Tina Smith will leave Minnesota for Cuba around sunrise on Monday and return around sunset Friday.

In that time, they’re set to look in on food growing operations at a Cuban cooperative and visit with the country’s agricultural and foreign ministries. They will also meet with U.S. officials stationed there and stop at an institute doing livestock sector research.

The trip has been in the works for five or six months inside the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Smith said.

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Flying to Cuba x 3

Post By @CubanWindow

WIF: Latin Press + NewsInAmerica + JuventudRebelde

European Continent

corsair havana cuba

While the US GOP is thinking of reversing Cuban policy that would include airlines that fly to the island with 2 and 3 frequencies and could see increased passenger demand in the months of July and August due to the seasonal season that is moving towards the north of the continent , From Europe and the Caribbean begin to arrive at the island new flights in benefit of the Cuban tourist sector.

From France Corsair has started direct flights to Havana and Varadero with Boeing 747-400 of 533 seats with two weekly frequencies, but it foresees a third for the next winter in that case of Paris – Varadero Resort.

The president of TUI France tour operator group, one of the most important in Europe, said that they are looking to allow their customers the opportunity to discover this destination that he described as extraordinary.

The Caribbean

sunrise cuba

The Haitian airline Sunrise Airways and its tour operator Explorer Caribbean  advocate to increase the maritime and air connection with the island as part of the integration of the multi-destination in the Caribbean.

The frequency has increased to 6 weekly flights to Havana, Camaguey y Santiago de Cuba with a 320-seat Airbus that initially started with three 19-seat aircraft each in February 2016 and was increasing its capacity to 42 and then to 46 seats.

Varadero Resort is Growing


The main sun and beach resort in Cuba, has 21,500 rooms in 57 hotels, as well as an extra-hotel chain and services with high quality standards, which are expected to continue to grow with new investments:

  • 1 international 18-hole golf course
  • 2 hotels in the area known as Oasis, Ola 1 and Ola 2, which will add more than a thousand rooms
  • Hotel Las Nubes (the clouds), with 564 rooms, will be built between the Brisas del Caribe and Naviti hotels, which will become the highest of the polo with 24 floors
  • Hotel Cayo Buba, which will be communicated with Cayo Libertad (freedom key)

Trump’s speech on Cuba: Neither cautious nor expectant


Post By @CubanWindow


This Friday the President of the United States, “Not Our President” will announce his policy towards the Caribbean archipelago, about which little or almost nothing knows.

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