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By CubaxDentro

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Donald Trump did not win for the majority support of the voters of his country, because he was the favorite of the transnationals, or the press, not even for being well seen in his own party, but thanks to the enormous fragmentation of American society.

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Noam Chomsky, Danny Glover Condemn United States, Canadian Sanctions on Venezuela – Via TeleSurEnglish

“It is no secret that Venezuela is targeted for regime change” due to Venezuela’s leadership in resisting U.S. hegemony, the activists argued. 

Scholar Noam Chomsky and actor Danny Glover are among a group of over 154 activists who have condemned the sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the United States and Canada. In an open letter to Washington and Ottawa, the activists argued sanctions affected the poor and negatively impacted any chance of political reconciliation.

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Lord save my children !








Original Post: Lord Save my Children ! by Michael L. Winston

R-S Marco Rubio, has directly and publicly encouraged the Venezuelan military to carry out an uprising.

On February 28, he did it again in an opinion piece published in El Nuevo Herald. “The Venezuelan military, with popular support, can put an end to this dictatorship and restore freedom, dignity and the right of the people to govern themselves. If they decide to do it, I think they will enjoy enormous support from the United States and other free countries, ” Rubio wrote in the midst of a crisis scenario in the American Union, the strong support of the American extreme right to the purchase and use of firearms and the authorization of teachers to carry them to control a possible student uprising. Honestly, the most permissive law in the Americas allows any student-age youth to become an aggressive student and even be labeled a serial killer.


  • At age 16 you have the age to buy a gun, but not to drink a beer.
  • Rubio’s thought shows his most furious intention: to manipulate public opinion.

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Highly Recommended: What the US Government Is Not Telling You About Those ‘Sonic Attacks’ in Cuba – Via The nation

The key victims were CIA agents. Not a single tourist was affected, and the island remains among the safest countries in the world to visit.

Venezuela to Host ALBA Meeting – Via TeleSur English


The Latin American and Caribbean countries will meet to ratify their support to the sovereign decisions made by the government and the people of Venezuela.

The member states of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) will meet in Caracas, Venezuela on Monday.

The meeting, which will take place in the Miraflores Palace, headquarters of the Venezuelan government, will be held with the objective of ratifying the support of the ALBA-TCP nations for the right of the South American country to resolve its existing political woes without the interference of external forces and through democratic means.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro will preside over the meeting, which will be convened amid political, economic and financial aggressions and pressures exerted by the administration of United States President Donald Trumpregional allies,and sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.

While the Venezuelan government has attempted to reach an agreement with some sectors of tjhe opposition to counter the U.S.-sponsored economic and financial sanctions and head to national elections, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has called for an oil embargo and hinted at a military coup.

The event will also be used to pay homage to the legacy of Hugo Chavez, the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, on the fifth anniversary of his death.

Among the countries, which form part of the Bolivarian Alliance, are Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominica, Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, and Suriname.

New Survey Finds Cuba Among Safest Destinations in the World – Via Medium


A new survey of recent US travelers to Cuba finds it is among the safest destinations in the world to visit. The survey of US travelers who visited the island in 2017 and 2018, conducted by Cuba Educational Travel, found that those surveyed felt safe in Cuba, and believe that there is limited risk to travelers. They also believe that the country is well prepared to respond to environmental, health and crime related situations. These travelers with firsthand experience on the island overwhelmingly recommend visiting.

“It’s clear that Cuba is among the safest countries in the world for Americans to visit,” said Collin Laverty, President of Cuba Educational Travel and a leading expert on U.S.-Cuba relations. “The situation regarding U.S. diplomats in Havana has been grossly mismanaged by the State Department and highly politicized by the White House and members of Congress against normalizing relations with our neighbor.”

“It’s unfair to the affected diplomats and their families to politicize the situation and it completely discredits the integrity of the State Department’s Travel Warning System,” Laverty added. “The harm caused to Cuban families that are separated because they can’t obtain visas is inexcusable, and the damage it’s doing to Cuban entrepreneurs cut off from U.S. visitors is a tragedy.”

The survey of 462 recent US travelers to Cuba found:

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Have Jamaica, St Lucia and Guyana become the ‘three blind mice’ of Caricom? – Via Jamaica Observer

Sin título

BY David Comissiong

The United States Department of State and the US’s millionaire secretary of state, Rex Tillerson (former CEO of American multinational oil corporation Exxon Mobil) are celebrating what they pulled off after engineering the so-called “Lima Group of States” (inclusive of the Caricom states of St Lucia and Guyana) into issuing an international declaration that attacks and vilifies the socialist Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, as well as the success of Tillerson’s recent diplomatic effort to enlist Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the Government of Jamaica in the USA’s ongoing crusade against Venezuela.

These recent happenings seem all part and parcel of a well-coordinated strategy on the part of the Donald Trump Administration to cause maximum disruption and subversion in our sister Caribbean country of Venezuela in the lead-up to Venezuela’s critical presidential election scheduled for April 22, 2018. And so, one is forced to query why three of our Caribbean Community (Caricom) member states — Jamaica, St Lucia, and Guyana — would remove themselves from our collective regional umbrella and, instead, associate themselves with this “big power” campaign of subversion against a fellow developing country that is trying desperately hard to keep its precious natural resources out of the hands of greedy North American multinational corporations.

The US Department of State website tells us that St Lucia and Guyana are members of something called “The Lima Group of States”. The questions one must therefore ask is:

• Do the citizens of St Lucia and Guyana know anything at all about this “Lima Group of States” that their governments have joined?

• Was any of this discussed with the people of St Lucia and Guyana by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and President David Granger, respectively?

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises to sail most immersive luxury Cuba Cruise in 2019 – Via Cruise Trade News

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As the only North American luxury cruise line to be granted permission to offer voyages to Cuba, Regent Seven Seas Cruises is adding eight more visits to the Caribbean island on two itineraries in 2019 and 2020. Seven Seas Mariner will offer the line’s first immersive Cuba itinerary on her 15 October 2019 voyage, calling on Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.

Guests will be provided with opportunities to engage in group, people-to-people activities intended to enhance contact with the Cuban people, and to immerse in the island’s culture. Havana is also being added into Seven Seas Navigator’s 25 April 2020 voyage.

“We are proud to have been the first North American luxury line to call on Cuba and are delighted to offer more opportunities for travelers to visit such a historic and culture-rich destination,” said Jason Montague, president and chief executive officer of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “On these eight future sailings that visit Cuba, guests will be treated to informative presentations from experts and scholars, as well as enjoy our distinctive, highly personalized service from every member of our exceptional staff and crew.”

As part of Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ most-inclusive luxury experience, guests have the widest selection of free and unlimited, expertly crafted Cuba shore excursions in compliance with the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) regulations. Guests can meet with the people of Cuba and explore the island’s music, art, history and culture while enjoying as many shore excursions as their time allows.

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Cuba Travel Services (CTS) First U.S. Travel Company to Open Offices in Cuba – Via Cision PR Newswire



CYPRESS, Calif.Feb. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cuba Travel Services, the leading charter and tour operator serving the destination with offices in CaliforniaFloridaNew Jersey, and Texas, announced today the upcoming opening of their Havana location on March 31st.

It is considered a significant event as this is the first time a U.S. based travel company is awarded permission to operate in Cuba in over 60 years. Services provided by the California based company in Havana will include:

  • Flight ticket sales
  • Customer support
  • Hotel reservations
  • Tour operation support
  • Car rentals
  • Excursions
  • Transfers
  • Programmed packages
  • Cruise Support Services
  • Advisory Services


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