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Yuli – Cuban ballet superstar Carlos Acosta #HabanaFilmFestival – Via LatinPress + Youtube

Havana Film Festival 

The script helped the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta escape from reality and return to his childhood, family and hometown, as reflected in a film whose screening on Sunday generates crowds of anxious moviegoers.

It is the film Yuli, whose first screening in Cuba two days ago left a lot of audience out of the Karl Marx Theater in Havana, a typical scene during the International Festivals of the New Latin American Cinema when the program of the event announces a recognized film. Judging by criticisms, the new feature film by the Spanish director Iciar Bollain ranks among the greatest productions of the year in the world. British playwright Paul Laverty won the award to the script at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain with this movie.

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Vintage Cuba with insightCuba

Walking Tour of Old Havana Via InsightCuba

Our Weekend in Havana tour is far more than a mere brush with exotic culture – it’s a full-on immersive discovery allowing you to not only pay witness to Cuba’s dynamic rhythm and color, but to dive right in and become part of the canvas. 

Like the fiery salsa rhythms that can be heard rippling through its city streets, Havana springs to life with warmth and vivaciousness that never stops taking you by surprise. Removed from the quiet fields of sugar cane and mango trees that thrive further afield, Cuba’s largest city is an urban metropolis – a place of rambling Colonial architecture, endless adventure and unfettered discovery.

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Enjoy Cuban architecture in Havana neighborhoods Centro Habana, Vedado and Playa – Via Havana Private Suite

Frequently, national and foreign visitors stop at the streets of Havana, dazzled by the constructions they encounter. Numerous Havana’s localities, with their distinctive architecture, acquire their own particularities. Thus Greater Antilles capital is revealed different and striking, in that fusion of history and architecture that make it the Wonder City.

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Safer in Cuba By James Ingram / Via


In East St. Louis, assault weapon fire has become so common that one hardly awakens from one’s nightly slumber because of the sheer frequency of shots being randomly fired.

Neighboring St. Louis is no different, with “We Must Stop Killing Each Other” signs prominently displayed on lawns to illustrate the dilemma of an escalating murder rate, which has gotten out of control, with violence and shootings spilling over into once safe suburban communities.

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“Los Van Van” – the machinery – orchestra turns 49 – @losvanvan


#Cuba: National campaign for #nonviolence vs women and girls – Via Alma Mater Magazine (+Video) #RevistaAlmaMater #NoViolenciadeGénero #Juventudescubanas

Slogan: Evolves, Harassment delays you / Related Alma Mater Magazine


“Cuatro Caminos” / An old market in #Cuba that is renewed – Via Cubadebate #UnBlockCuba

Nestled between the crowded Havana streets, just where the neighborhoods of Centro Habana, Cerro and Habana Vieja converge, a space regains its vitality for the happiness of their citizens. Almost a century after its founding, the “Mercado Único de La Habana” – popularly known as “Cuatro Caminos” – promises to once again welcome the “pregones” and smells of the centenary place, at its best one of the most famous shopping plazas in the city.

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In Cuba after 133, 681 popular consultation meetings the Commission drafting proposed #ConstitutionOfTheRepublicOfCuba meets


The Commission was informed of results from the recently concluded popular consultation, during which 133, 681 meetings were held, with 8,945,521 persons attending.

In these meetings, 1,706,872 citizens spoke, making 783,174 proposals, (666,995 modifications, 32,149 additions, 45,548 eliminations, and 38,482 requests for clarification).

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