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Two Races – #HurricaneIrma aftermath #Cuba

From the original post: Donando en Cuba 

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“The world has two races:

the selfish, similar to insects and the generous, resplendent, as if in itself would bring light to the other.

The first ones sacrifices everything: homeland, friendship, to the estimation of themselves to their benefit and contentment.

The others, although in the hours of tranquility pay tribute to the appetites and weaknesses of human nature, when the hour of daring and greatness rings,  when human honor or patriotic honor is in danger, as a straw snatches the wind, all the worries, conveniences, or interests that may hinder it are shaken from the shoulders, and as merry as free eagles they throw themselves into the fight, to the light.”



@attn / Ambulance costs in America are so expensive that some people avoid them entirely.


50% of heart attack victims won’t call an ambulance to get to the hospital. Ambulances are owned by private corporations which allows them to get away with overcharging.

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A rather harmless cricket recital or deafness dominated by the absurd


Post & translate by @CubanWindow from the original : They publish the audio of the “sonic attack” / Rosa Miriam Elizalde

This story continues to go around in circles. Now AP publishes the audio that affected the “diplomats” in Havana.

The evidence of how some people can remain deaf and others nope after hearing those noises, which are like a celestial harp compared to the sound of our streets (1).

Scientists interviewing the PA remain as skeptical as ever, and there are no names, no doctors who have treated the sick. Nothing that gives light outside this metaphor of deafness dominated by the absurd.


When we landed in Havana it was the noise that we first noticed. Havana is loud: music, cars, people, bells, singing, shouting… But after a few days the noise became a comfort – even Raggaeton blaring through the night became a sort of companion during our time there. We stopped commenting on it after a couple days and came to expect the music to play well past the point we fall asleep and to start back up around 4 am when the farmers arrived to unload their produce at the vegetable stand across the street. It played all throughout the day from different pockets of the city – a boombox here, a car stereo there, a rooftop club up above us.

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Don’t Forget About Puerto Rico

“If someone out there is listening to us, we are dying and you are killing us with their inefficiency and their bureaucracy” 

Carmen Yulin Cruz. Puerto Rico Mayor 

Post by @TheCubanWindow

Trump just threat to withdraw the “aid” to Puerto Rico claiming that the infrastructure and electricity grid of the island were already a “disaster” before the passage of Hurricane Maria.

The comment was spit a week after his controversial visit to the Caribbean island, which was also preceded by the attack of  not-my-president against the puerto rican mayor + according to his unbridled despotism, the immobility of the boriquens before the devastation.

But the truth is very different from the distorted parallel reality in which Trump lives.

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NYC – isn’t prepared for a Major Hurricane


Post by @CubanWindow / Original Post – City isn’t prepared for next Sandy, leaders pushing storm surge barrier say Via AMNY / By Ivan Pereira 

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As the city prepares to mark the fifth anniversary of Super storm Sandy, a group of environmentalists say the city remains vulnerable to storms, rising sea levels and other natural disasters.

Large sea walls and sand dunes have been touted as accomplishments by the city in its resiliency efforts, but the coastlines are still vulnerable to devastation, according to Bill Golden, president of the National Institute for Coastal Harbor Infrastructure, a nonprofit working to storm-proof coastlines.

For more INFO click –  HERE

Let’s Go to Cuba – Via Cuba Educational Travel: Traveling to Cuba can be a mesmerizing experience

Post by @CubanWindow

Upcoming Trips – Cuba Educational Travel currently has spots open on the following upcoming trips to Cuba HERE

cuba edu travel

Run by Collin Laverty, a leading expert on Cuba and U.S.-Cuba relations, Cuba Educational Travel organizes educational exchange programs and people-to-people travel for U.S. citizens and residents to Cuba. We believe our two countries have much to learn from each other and meaningful exchanges that foster dialogue can be highly beneficial to strengthening the artistic, environmental, medical, scientific, and social science communities in the U.S. and Cuba. Most importantly, increased travel and people-to-people contact will strengthen ties between ordinary Americans and Cubans.

Upcoming Trips – Cuba Educational Travel currently has spots open on the following upcoming trips to Cuba HERE

#Irma Aftermath stories: In Cuba there are schools of all colors

Post by @CubanWindow from the Original post – Cubadebate

Irma Aftermath 2

Bertha de la Oz Montes de Oca is the unforgettable teacher, who huddles in the memories of the students for life. A broad smile and a waste of tenderness. Every morning, he travels from San Antonio de las Vueltas to Cambaito, 31.6 kilometers by bus, to teach his first-graders.

Irma Aftermath

Jan Carlos is five years old. It is restless and smart. We asked him how the cyclone happened and respond quickly that it did not cry.“I was then put under the bed and then into the closet with a piece of iron. And my house had a cement roof. And I know how to ride my bike, bought by my grandfather. “

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Cuba is roughly 780 miles long. We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to see it all / Via @insightcuba


The Bizarre Health Issues of U.S. Spies in Cuba

Post by @CubanWindow Via Telesur English / YouTube

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