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Growing Investments in Cuban Tourism (PART V)

Por Roberto F. Campos

Havana, Jul 15 (Prensa Latina) Among the plans for investments in Cuban tourism, Havana holds a relevant place, due to its condition as the country”s capital and the celebration of its 500th anniversary in 2019.

Therefore, the general director for development at the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), Jose Daniel Alonso, mentioned Havana as a priority in investments in the sector.

Special attention is being paid to Havana with investments in the so-called Workers’ Social Clubs (CSO, in Spanish), which have deteriorated, and there is even a bid on the CSO Julio A. Mella, in which companies like Marriott and Four Season expect to offer a ‘First World’ product. The list of new establishments in Havana includes the hotels Packard (scheduled for inauguration in 2018), Prado y Malecón (2019), and Corona, Metropolitano and Gran Hotel.

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Growing Investments in Cuban Tourism (PART IV)

Roberto F. Campos

Havana, Jul 14 (Prensa Latina) Cuba”s investment process in tourism covers many aspects to diversify the offer beyond sun and beach options.

That is why, the general director for development at the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), Jose Daniel Alonso, considers other spheres of interest.

The variety of options is broad, with the presence of the Spanish chain Meliá in the central-southern city of Cienfuegos and in neighboring Trinidad, where it will open the 350-room Meliá Trinidad Hotel, currently in the ground-breaking stage.
For its part, the Spanish group Iberostar will run the Ancon Trinidad Hotel, whose construction will start in October.

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Growing Investments in Cuban Tourism (PART III)

Havana, Jul 13 (Prensa Latina) The information on the investment process in Cuban tourism includes an increase in 2018 that will make the country be among the main Caribbean destinations.
The general director for development at the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR), Jose Daniel Alonso, disclosed statistics that illustrate that growth in the leisure industry.
One of the examples of growth is in cruise tourism and the arrivals of holidaymakers in that modality.
Even in November 2018, he noted, there is a possibility that a new U.S. cruise line might join the others visiting Cuba, despite the restrictions imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump.
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Sao Paulo Forum Opens in Cuba


Elio Delgado Legon

HAVANA TIMES – The 24th edition of the Sao Paulo Forum is being held in Havana from July 15-17. It brings together leaders, former presidents and social leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean, with the aim of uniting ideas and efforts. The goal is to put an end to the International Right’s counter-revolutionary offensive within the region today, which is being directed and financed by US Imperialism, who has decided that it wants to recover the ground it has lost over recent years.

The Sao Paulo Forum is a space for dialogue, which was created in 1990 as a result of the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPPAL), organized by Brazil’s Workers’ Party, bringing to life an initiative created by its president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the Cuban Revolution’s historic leader Fidel Castro. Continue reading “Sao Paulo Forum Opens in Cuba”

Students visit Cuba to study how globalization has impacted education

William & Mary students participating in a study-abroad program in Cuba the week after Commencement got an up-close look at the education system in that nation, as well as its history and culture. A small group of students from various majors went on the excursion, which was an offshoot of the COLL 300credit-eligible class Globalization and Education.

“Even if students were well traveled, this was a unique experience because Americans have been isolated from Cubans for a protracted period of time,” said Jacqueline Rodriguez, W&M assistant professor of education and co-organizer of the trip. The group visited a primary school and secondary school, spoke with a representative of the ministry of education and talked with local residents during visits to Vinales and the Bay of Pigs. It also toured the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of the Revolution, the Jimenez Foundation, the UNSECO biosphere reserve at Las Terrazas and the Korimacao Community Project.

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Cuba named as number one travel destination for female solo travellers

fa968746-9513-4fcb-ab94-6871cbcc7667Apparently Cuba is the number one destination with solo bookings rising from 371% between 2016 and 2017.

A few years ago, the idea of holidaying solo seemed a lonely prospect, and for female travellers it was also potentially dangerous. But improved infrastructure and growing confidence have helped the solo travel market explode, with more men and women choosing to embark on adventures alone.

Hostelworld has revealed a 42% increase in solo travel bookings over the past two years, and according to their data, female solo bookings grew 45% between 2015 and 2017.  Continue reading “Cuba named as number one travel destination for female solo travellers”

Cuba and TT Seek ‘New Opportunities’ to Boost Trade


The vice-president of the Cuba Chamber of Commerce, Ruben Ramos, has led a 27-strong delegation of Cuban businesses displaying their products at the TT Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) annual Trade and Investment Convention at the Centre of Excellence in Trinidad and Tobago.  The two Caribbean countries are exploring new ways to further boast trade opportunities between the two Caribbean countries.

“There is a commitment from Cuba to develop that relationship with the Caribbean as part of foreign policy for trade and integration in Caricom, (Caribbean Community) Ramos said. “We are working to try to facilitate trade, (whether it is) transportation and trade agreement to reduce tariffs, that will help trade activity between our countries.”  Continue reading “Cuba and TT Seek ‘New Opportunities’ to Boost Trade”

Cuba Calls on U.S. to Comply with Visa Commitment

Washington, Jul 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuba called on the United States in Washington to fully comply with its commitments to grant visas to emigrants in tune with the migration agreements signed by the two countries.
During a new round of migration talks in the U.S. capital, Cuba noted that it fully complies with its obligations with the letter and spirit of the signed agreements, and repeated its will to maintain and expand bilateral cooperation in that field.
Cuba also reiterated that the U.S. Government’s decision to suspend visa services at its embassy in Havana directly affects relations on migration and family ties between Cuba and U.S. citizens, and damages institutional exchanges and travels between the two countries.
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A late afternoon view of Baracoa from the Yara-Majayara protected area – Via Twitter Villa Paradiso Cuba

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A late afternoon view of Baracoa from the Yara-Majayara protected area, with mount El Yunque in the distance. Come for a nice stay with us at Villa Paradiso!

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