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Enjoy Cuban Food at Home – Via @InsightCuba

cuban food

If you are interested in visiting Cuba or perhaps you just got back from the island, one of the most memorable parts of a Cuban adventure is the food. Cuban cuisine is a unique combination of influences that create a fusion of exotic, delicious flavors.  

Cuban food is influenced by the indigenous people, West-African, and Europeans. This Caribbean cultural mixture is known criolla or Creole and not only defines people groups and customs but also defines the kind of food you will eat in Cuba.  

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Curiosities from Cuba X 3

The second longest woman in the world lives in Cuba

Via La Demajagua Cuba

“Mima”, so call this Mrs. whose identification card registers that she was born on January 5, 1901. And although his legs almost do not support his fragile body, his mind, on the other hand, is alert.

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Cuba 2017 in images told by its protagonists: special educators, farmers, historians.

Original post: What happened in Cuba during the 59th year of the Revolution

Sorry folks, we only found this video in Spanish, however the images speak for themselves !

2017 Public Health annual report from Cuba


Via Santa Lucia News + Information From INFOMED CUBA

  1. lowest infant mortality in its history: 4 per thousand children born alive.
  2. Mortality due to congenital malformations was 0, 9 deaths per thousand live.
  3. The life expectancy at birth is 78.45 years: of 80.45 for women and 76.50 for men. 19, 8% of the Cuban population is 60 years old or older.
  4. 101 582 patients benefited of the availability of technical hearing aids, wheelchairs and Fowler beds, among other resources.
  5. After three years, the indicators that made Cuba the first WHO and PAHO Certified Country to eliminate the transmission from mother to child of HIV and congenital syphilis continues to be fulfilled.
  6. There were 454 organ transplants in Cuba during 2017.
  7. To guarantee the accessibility of the population to cancer care, 45 oncology, 25 nuclear medicine and nine radiotherapy services have been organized in a regional manner. In the last three years the growth of mortality due to this disease has stopped.
  8. It is estimated that more than one million surgical procedures were performed in Cuba during 2017.
  9. An enrollment of more than 100,000 medical students was achieved with a teaching staff of 32,973 medical professors.
  10. Over 71 million units of natural health products were produced.
  11. In the last four years, Cuba imported 24, 317 medical equipment, benefiting all medical specialties and most of the country’s health institutions. Equipment for diagnosis and treatment of cancer includes: surface radiotherapy, chemotherapy, gamma cameras, linear accelerators, cobalt equipment for radiation and particle accelerators, which allow the obtaining of radio-pharmaceuticals for the accurate diagnosis of tumor lesion locations.
  12. New advanced techniques have been introduced to treat amputee patients, in the field of medical imaging, nuclear magnetic resonance, base surgery of the skull, surgical treatment of epilepsy, intervention neurological, treatment of cardiac arrhythmia and intro-operative radiotherapy.
  13. The total personnel of Cuba’s national health care system are 491,360. Cuba has 600 hospitals and polyclinics.
  14. During 2017 Cuba sent emergency medical brigades to Peru, Sierra Leona, Dominica and Mexico.

Tourism in Cuba: record and expectation – Via CubaHora

havana cienfuegos veendam7

Post by @CubanWindow

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Despite the destruction left in its wake by the not well remembered hurricane Irma -equivalent to 500 million dollars- and which damaged the hotels and beaches infrastructure located along the northern part of the country, 2017 , whose leaf we just passed in the calendar, was registered as a historical year, when establishing new records for tourism.

The hurricane passed its broom through Guardalavaca, Santa Lucia, the keys, Varadero and Havana, the main tourist destinations, shortly before the beginning of the high season.

In those days, around 88.5 percent of the foreigners passing through Cuba were staying in these facilities. More than 10,625 travelers had to be protected. Although the material damages were not very serious, there was a general perception that an immediate recovery was impossible, which reduced the indicators of entry into the country in the months following the cyclonic impact.

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Freezing temperatures NYC + a Bomb Cyclone in the way ! (UPDATE)

Via NY1 – According to the National Weather Service, 7.8 inches of snow were measured in Central Park as of 2:45 p.m. Thursday. 5.2 inches of snow at LaGuardia Airport and 6.2 inches of snow were measured at JFK Airport.

Via Independent – New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport has been temporarily closed due to heavy snow, ice and harsh winds in the area, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Via abc7ny – Winter storm 2018: What’s closed, canceled in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

subway bomb cyclone


Track the Storm HERE + HERE


Each morning it gets harder to face the cold temperatures that await us when leaving home.

To end with our expectations that this chilly weather leave us for a few days, networks announce that a snowstorm is coming.

We could think that the repeated warning no longer scares us, but what if we add that they have nicknamed it as “ Bomb Cyclone ” ?

Via NY1 News – The early projections are for the nor’easter to drop 3-6 inches of snow Thursday and the wind chill Friday night into Saturday could be as low as -10 to -20 degrees, as wind gusts will be, at times, 30 to 40 miles per hour.


Cubans tell us what the “Letter of the Year” means – Via CubaDebate




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The Letter of the Year 2018 in Cuba advises respect, civility and caring for the environment. Alerts and advice related to the environment, inter-family relations, the exhortation to good social and moral behavior, and review the educational system stand out.

Cuban cultural roots are intertwined in different cultures, one of the strongest are religions of African origin.

Regardless on the island if you are a practitioner of any of them or not, Cubans expect each year to know “the Letter” that every January the Babalawos published. trough the Yoruba Cultural Society of Cuba and the Cuban Council of Major Priests of Ifá , the leaderships in this matters and this is what is known as Letter of the year.

It is reached through a ceremony that begins on December 31 and ends on the 1st. January, and where from the Oracle of Ifá, guidelines and recommendations are given that should be met during the year that begins, in order to avoid and overcome the obstacles and difficulties that will be faced.

This year the priests met at the Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, at Prado 615, between Monte and Dragones, in Old Havana, and announced that the divinity that will govern 2018 is Yemayá, accompanied by Eleguá; that is why the flag of the year is half white, half blue, with black borders.

The Prophetic Prayer is:

“A complete health good, following the patterns of Orunmila”.

While the proverbs of the sign confirm that:

  • “Everyone is worthy of respect”
  • “If you do not know with the law that you live in this world, you have to go live to the other”
  • “Parents do not ask for a blessing for their children”
  • “If he does not know the way of the right that belongs to him, the dead person does”
  • “The son follows the tradition of the father”

The letter of the year began to show at the end of the 19th century and the first to write it in Cuba was the Babalawo Remigio Herrera (Adeshina) – African origin – supported mainly by five of his godchildren.

The most traditional branches of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth were directed by Babalawos of African origin, who later delegated this responsibility to their Cuban successors.

Translating laughter for the new year


“You can lose a thousand battles but only by losing your laugh you will have known the real defeat ” Ho Chi Minh

From the original Post: How is laughter written ? – Via Cubadebate

Laughter is an essential part of life. Doctors prescribe it as the main medicine of the soul. And in this era of new technologies, when sometimes we communicate more by text than face to face; each culture has “translated” laughter into written language.


In English, when someone sends some meme or just a hilarious comment, the most common answer is “ha ha ha”, while the French prefer the “hé hé hé” or simply the “MDR” figures, which mean “mort de rire” “, Died of laughter in Spanish.


In the United States it is also common to use the acronym LoL, “laughing out loud”, to express a strong laugh.

In Spanish, they use the classic “ja ja ja” to represent a laughter in the written language. Although others prefer the “ji, ji, ji” or “je, je, je”, depending on the type of laughter you want to convey.


But there are other very striking expressions such as the use of the number “5” in Thailand, because the inhabitants of that Southeast Asian nation pronounce this figure as “ja”.

In Japan they use the “W”, in Iceland the quick way to express a funny reaction is “hí híhí”, in Portuguese it is “rsrsars” and there are other striking ways to laugh.

So,  smile at this 2018 that comes as you wish, but do not stop doing it, you’ll see how it gives you the most fun of laughter

Happy New Year 4 you all folks from this colorful window !

The absurd policies of Trump seen by Cuban cartoonists – Via Juventud Rebelde

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